ARCHIVE: Death to the Major, Viva Minor at SLab, 2008

Death to the Major, Viva Minor

This show was on exhibit at SLab.  You can view the works from the gallery website here or refer to the Catalogue for a detailed list of works and their titles.  Some installation photos below.

Death to the Major, Viva Minor

16 October to 22 November 2008

Psychogenic Fugue

Psychogenic Fugue, crochet lace and epoxy, 2008.
The Silverlens Lab, or SLab, opened with my show, and as it used to be a piano school, I thought it would be interesting to take off from that idea: of the relation of visual arts to music, in terms of theory, or of space.  I had already started experimenting using epoxy resins with crochet for an earlier set of sculptures for the 3 Young Contemporaries show in Kuala Lumpur, and was eager to try the technique in a larger scale.  The sculpture is composed entirely of the hardened cotton lace.
People often refer to this sculpture simply as “the piano”.  Ironically, of course, there is no piano.


Psychogenic Fugue (detail), crochet lace and epoxy, approximately 108 x 212 x 104 cm. Fugue is a musical term, while psychogenic fugue is a psychological term referring to a type of amnesia.

Arteria Axillaris

Arteria Axillaris (detail), ceramic, 57 x 17 x 7 cm. (above)

Arteria Axillaris

Here (above), I made a violin out of stoneware, its face ripped open to reveal an inner cavity.
(Below) Untitled (Piano), carved leather and ceramic, 83 x 65 x 32 cm.

Untitled (piano, detail)


Horns (triptych), oil on canvas/ linen, 4 x 16 feet

Reprise I & II, oil on canvas, approximately 245 x 220 cm each shaped panel

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