ARCHIVE: Swine at the Green Papaya Art Projects, 2004

Swine, at Green Papaya Art Projects 2004

Swine was a show about appetites, and I wanted it to be red like sore eyes.  The show was enveloped in a red glow from a neon sign that flickered, “She would kill for it“. Red wax petals dripped around the installation, Butcher’s Blossoms.  I was an avowed vegetarian at this time, and somehow I wanted the slaughtered pig to look pretty to bits, in pink.


Butcher’s Blossoms, painting detail. oil on canvas, 4×6 feet.


Butcher’s Blossoms, detail of apron in wax

cold-cast marble

above, Butcher’s Blossoms, detail of pig’s foot in cold-cast marble.

below, neon text


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